Invasion of Privacy

sutherlandInvasion of Privacy
by Ian Sutherland
2014/ 472 pages
read by Matthew Lloyd Davies 16h 59m
rating: A + / cyber-crime

A cellist is the victim of a very violent, premeditated murder. Individual webcams are highjacked to provide  entertainment and information.  Hackers are needed to solve all this madness.

Detective Jenny Price and her partners work on the murder in pretty much traditional ways while Brody Taylor,  a computer whiz, takes on a challenge from an online hacker group and tries to find his way through the security surrounding a new site –  Flex-base? He finds a web-cam site called “Somebody’s Watching You”   (SWY) and a show called  “The Au Pair Affair.”    The game has been set up by a hacker called Crooner 42 in order to ruin Brody who is known as Fingle via another hacker named Mad the Hatter.

Meanwhile, Derek Saxton,  an ex-rugby and sports figure manager, happens to be the husband of the household in “The Au Pair Affair” and having an affair with the au pair girl, Audrey.  A  wife and baby also live there.  The affair is observed via the nana-camera and broadcast live to the website.   And that’s where the complex and page-turning tale begins.

I usually enjoy techie novels  – William Gibson,  Neal Stephenson,  etc.  and although this isn’t up to those levels it is quite good,  especially with the addition of a murder mystery.  They mostly cover different aspects of supposedly cutting edge technology – Sutherland is no different than the others with some simple technology but still  plenty tidbits unknown to me to keep it interesting.  Sutherland does a nice job of developing suspense and Matthew Lloyd Davis is a fine reader for the book.


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