The Paying Guests

payingThe Paying Guests
by Sarah Waters
2014 /  576 pages
read by Juliet Stevenson 21h 26m
Rating-  DNF – /  (less than 0 – I returned it)

Warning – this is a rant.  I am disgusted with this book – I don’t even like straight romance novels – this is a lesbian romance in a gothic setting so there’s huge suspense and a big old house and so forth – I’m not crazy about gothic either – not usually.  At least Amazon gives warning – Audible doesn’t – that I saw.

But why in the world do I keep listening?  Because it got good reviews – (so what?).   Because  I think maybe something else might happen – maybe Francis will murder her mother to get free?  –  lol –   That might happen at 10 hours? –  I’m at almost 8 now and virtually nothing has happened to this point.  Francis is simply in emotional turmoil and the reader emphasizes that.   Ho-hum …

Well – it just got too bad and I returned it –   I can’t see going through another 14 hours of that crap.   My irritation i’s not about the lesbianism,  had it been categorized as gothic romance  I never would have bothered.

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