Those Who Wish Me Dead

thosewhowishThose Who Wish Me Dead
by Michael Koryta
2014/ 400 pages
read by Robert Petkoff – 10h 30m
rating:  C+ / thriller

Can’t really call this a crime novel because this all happens well after the crimes have been committed – it’s just all about what happens to the young man who happened to witness the murder.  –  Well – he has to go into the Witness Protection Program and he’s hidden in a survival camp in Montana.

The book is a page-turner and the characters are very nicely done.  There are some disbelief problems though –  I won’t go into them but …

As I mentioned,  Jason Wilson, age 14,  happens to witness the murder of two men.  He is a living breathing witness and the murderers want him dead.  He hides in a survival camp in the mountains where Ethan Serban, the camp leader,  gives the boys (mostly juvenile delinquents from the city) lessons in survival techniques.   When it is learned that the bad guys are on his tail, he escapes alone into the wilderness.  The bad guys then burn down the leader’s home and beat up his wife. These are bad, bad guys.  Remember Chigur in Cormac McCarthy’s No Country for Old Men?  These two are that bad and there was only one of Chigur.  They can be  humorous at times,  but with personalities somewhere in the sociopathic spectrum.

If you like this kind of thing I’d say go for it.  Personally,  I’m not sure I like books which are basically extended chase scenes.

And I guess Fox has bought up the film rights, so …

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