Darned If You Do

darnedDarned If You Do
by Monica Ferris
2015/ 308 pages
read by Susan Boyce 8h 25m
rating A / crime (traditional/cozy)
(Needlecraft series #18)

As readers here know I have a deep fondness for a couple of rather light-weight crime series.  One is The No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency series (now 15 books) by Alexander McCall Smith which I’ve been following since the first book came out in 1998.  The other is Monica Ferris whose books I just found a couple years ago and quickly caught up on and now follow as they come out.

If you’re a fan of these traditional/cozy mysteries,  Darned If You Do does not disappoint.  Betsy Davenshire, the owner of a needlecraft store in Excelsior,  a small town near Minneapolis, gets involved in a murder investigation.  How did this come about?

One dark and stormy night (my words) old Tom Riordan is trapped in his deteriorating home and has to call for help.  He’s taken to the hospital and it’s found he can’t return to the house because it’s really much too dilapidated for habitation – and it’s full of junk.  Tommy loves his junk and claims that it’s valuable.  His only living relative comes to help him clean it out but she has little money to assist in moving so Betsy and her friends chip in.  Things are sorted and moved, Tom is recuperating,  and then the worst happens – Tom is killed.  Eeks.   An interesting twist is that one of  Tom’s treasures is an old mail sack still full of US mail – 15 years old!  Deliverable to folks in town.   Love it!


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