Faithful Place

faithfulFaithful Place
by Tana French
2010/ 449 pages
read by Tim Gerard / 16h 17m
rating – C-

Whew!  I’m glad that’s done.  I have one more “Dublin Murder Squad” story and I’m caught up.  There have been 5 – this was #3 and I’m still missing #4, The Likeness.  This books in this series don’t need to be read in sequential order because they’re about various detectives on the Murder Squad – they work quite well as stand-alones.    I’ve enjoyed the others in this series quite a lot,  but this one?  No.

Frank Mackey is a divorced detective with a 9-year old daughter and a rather uppity ex-wife.  Mackey is from a very bad background from whom he has deliberately distanced himself.  One day his sister calls for help – an old suitcase was found in their parents’ chimney.  This leads to a really interesting crime story and a really stupid relationship dilemma.  I guess the story needed fleshing out with something,  but the father/daughter/mummy relationship thing got very old.  I don’t know if I’ll read more Tana French novels.  We’ll see.

Fwiw,  the other books in the series which I’ve read and “reviewed” are:

Broken Harbor  – 12/14 – rating A

The Secret Place  – 10/14 – rating A-

Into the Woods (2009 or so) – rating was probably a B because I was in no rush to read more.

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