Baltimore Blues

baltimoreBaltimore Blues
by Laura Lippman
1997  / 384 pages
read by Deborah Hazlett 9h 55m
rating:  C-

I kept listened for about half of the book then got into another book and came back to this one.  I had to re-start from the beginning and I have to say that  it does start well.

Rock Paxton is engaged with a woman he doesn’t quite trust.  He hires his friend Tess Monahan, an unemployed journalist,  to investigate.  She finds that not only is there evidence that Ava is cheating with her boss,  Michael Abramowitz, but Tess observes Ava shoplifting.  When confronted,  Tess comes up with the story that her Abramowitz was coercing her and she turned to shoplifting out of nerves.  She runs to tell Rock.

That night the boss is murdered in his office and it’s Rock who is arrested after the police find out his motive.   But when the defense lawyer,  with Tess now on staff,  starts digging up other possible suspects my interest cooled.  About half of the possible suspects are women whose rapists Abramowitz defended and got off,  while a another bunch are the recipients of a large class action suit who were waiting for their money – from Abramowitz.

And then,  at some point, my interest went back up.  This is not about rape or  the awful use of asbestos.  The suspense heightened.   And then it dipped again – badly.  Too many characters,  some introduced too late,  etc.

I’m not enamored of serial mysteries which focus too much on the personal life of the main character.  It’s mostly fluff unless you’re James Lee Burke or Alexander McCall Smith.  Anyway, I finished the book but … no more Lippman.


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