The Ophelia Cut

opheliaThe Ophelia Cut
by John Lescroart (#14 in the Dismas Hardy series)
2013/432 pages
read by David Colacci 16h 20m
rating:  A /crime

I enjoy Lescroart for some good solid crime fiction.  Dismas Hardy the protagonist for this series is a defense attorney in San Francisco but he came from working as a detective for the city so he has friends on the prosecutorial side of the aisle and he’s the brother-in-law of Moses McGuire,  a city cop,  married to Hardy’s sister,  Trea.

In this book the prologue indicates that a cop,  Anthony Ricci, did some side work for a gangster-type and got caught,  blackmailed (sort of) and pressured into the witness protection program.  Ricci is NOT a nice guy.  He chooses to land in San Francisco.

As the book opens it appears that the Ricci incident is not the only trouble from the past which is brewing up into the present.

But the story has to do with a man beating up on Moses’ daughter, Brittany,  and then days later raping her –  a few weeks later the guy is found dead,  bludgeoned.  Moses is drinking again and is arrested.  This is where Dismas Hardy’s legal skills show up.

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