The Fourth Watcher

4thwatcherThe Fourth Watcher: A Novel of Bangkok
by Timothy Hallinan
2008/320 pages
read by Victor Bevine 10h 53m
rating  A / crime  (#2 in Poke Rafferty series)

In this gritty, fast-paced novel of Bangkok,  the series protagonist,  Poke Rafferty, a travel brochure writer,  decides he wants to write a novel and hires a detective in order to learn some tricks of the trade.   One aspect of the training involves 3 men following Rafferty,  but there is a 4th watcher – unrelated to the lesson – and this guy is serious.

Rose is Rafferty’s significant other until they become engaged in this book.   With Meow,  Rafferty’s adopted Thai child, they make a family.   These relationships are a continuation of the 1st book in the series,  A Nail Through the Heart.    This time Rose and her friend Peachy, both former bar-girls turned co-owners of a housecleaning business  somehow get involved in a  counterfeit money scheme.   The currency is printed in North Korea and makes it from the bank to the business and then out via payroll where it is spotted.    So the US Secret Service gets involved.

Meanwhile Rafferty’s father shows up.  Rafferty has no use for his father because he’s a general scumbag.  He’s being hunted by a Chinese gangster named Chu.  But it’s the father who warns them that they are in serious danger from assassins – and it’s the father who is being chased by Chinese gangsters.

Great review at Jen’s BookThoughts.

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