Mortal Bonds

mortalbondsdMortal Bonds
by Michael Sears
2013/352 pages
rating A /crime

Jason Stafford is a hired  financial investigator who works for the companies he worked for and did business with prior to his arrest and time in prison for fraud.   This time he has to deal with a Bernie Madoff type Ponzi scheme.  Big bucks.  Then it collapsed,  William Von Becker was caught and committed suicide – or did he?

His family is looking through the wreckage and wants to clear the company name – or so they say.  There is money missing.    Meanwhile,  Stafford has an autistic son and a viscous ex-wife.  These are worked into the  plot beautifully.   This book is not quite as good as Sears’  first book,  Black Fridays.

2 Responses to Mortal Bonds

  1. Alex says:

    Is Sears an American author, Becky? I haven’t come across him in the UK. If so, do you think he would travel?


  2. Yes, Sears is a US author and I think he’d travel quite well. Autism and financial shenanigans are not unique to Americans. Sears is good.


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