The Dark Winter

darkwinterThe Dark Winter (Det. Aector McAvoy #1)
by David Mark
2012 / 304 pages
rating  A- / crime- procedural

Aector McAvoy is a big man and he apparently knows how to throw his weight around,   but he’s really not a “cop-type.”  He’d rather search data-bases and spend time with his family – one beloved son and his wife pregnant at Christmas time.   But whether he likes it or not,   he finds himself in the proximity of a young girl whose body is found brutally stabbed to death by a machete.

There is a Prologue to all this – I’m still not sure what the prologue is about – someone was thrown off a ship into a life-boat after remembering when his ship-mates were killed at that very place.  .


Hull in snow – 2009

But McAvoy is on the good side of a hard female boss,  Trish Pharaoh and he is drawn to the case of a young female black victim,  adopted by an English family,  and an excellent writer with a violent past (according to her teacher due to Daphne’s writings).  McAvoy actually was near the scene of the murder.  All his human feelings to find the killer are aroused.

Investigating,  the case of the fisherman (Prologue) which has been ruled a suicide turns up, but McAvoy “knows” better.   And then there’s yet another death – and there do seem to be connections.

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