Retirement Homes Are Murder

retirementRetirement Homes Are Murder
by Mike Befeler
2007/291 pages
read by Jerry Sciarrio 7h 37m
rating  B+ /  light crime

Paul Jacobson who is in his 80s has no idea where he is because his short term memory erases itself when he sleeps.  The previous day his son had checked him  into a retirement facility  and Paul can’t remember any of  that.   Then he finds a man stuffed into the trash chute and ends up as the prime suspect for the guy’s murder.

Paul learns how to cope with his lack of memory – first by making friends with Meyers, one of his table-mates and by making notes about his day before he goes to sleep,  then … well … I’ll not spoil it.

This is a very entertaining book – it’s funny.   Paul is an old curmudgeon who fights with the police who insist on interrogating him but he never remembers anything except what happened that day.   Paul also initiates his own investigations but they tend to backfire – after awhile the results of some actions have predictable consequences.  It’s pretty funny.

There’s a “wacky’ or “zany comedy of errors”  quality to this book and while I hate that in movies,  it works here – mostly because Paul is such an old curmudgeon (or tries to be – it doesn’t quite come off).  There were several times I laughed out loud.

On the other hand there were some circumstances which pushed my suspension of disbelief just a wee tad far –  my interest level was maintained though,  probably because of the main character and the humor.  I think Befeler probably enjoyed writing this one.

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