Frozen Solid

frozensolidFrozen Solid
by James Tabor
2013/336 pages
read by Paul Mitchell 9h 20m
rating B+ / crime-thriller

Having been sent to a South Pole research station in the winter,  Hallie Leland realizes this may not be a safe place for women.  Three women die within weeks of her arrival,  one a week prior and two the same week.  It looks to Hallie, after seeing the room with built-in camera, that at least one death was a murder.

But investigation proves difficult because all the crew are convinced she died of a drug overdose.  But Hallie knew the woman prior to the North Pole and has been assigned her room and finds a spy-cam which shows otherwise.  Okay – so who’s responsible for this and why?  Are they a danger to anyone else?   Hallie has to go underwater to check her own research and what she finds is more than startling.

And then another woman dies – and another.  What is this?  The station is now totally cut off physically and Hallie is stuck there with a murderer.

Meanwhile,  in Washington,  Will Bowman and Don Barnard realize something is up…  Good stuff – fast paced thriller with some great action scenes,  in a terrifying setting with decent characters and dialogue.

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