Bleeding Edge

Some Notes and Thoughts Aabout Bleeding Edge:

I was definitely reminded of CoL49 – Oedipa and Mucho vs Maxine and Horst.  Oedipa and Maxine are both female protagonists who are  investigating stuff.  Both books have contemporary settings and are under 500 pages.   I think this, as well as book length,  is a big difference between the “major” novels and his “minor” works.

Major novels:

GR  set in 1945,  published in 1973  (almost 30 years) ;     768 pages
M&D set in the 1760s published in 1997   (about 230 years);   784 pages
AtD set between 1893 and 1920 published in 2006  (about 110 years) ; 1104 pages

CoL49 – set in the early to mid-1960s  published in 1966 (3 years):  183 pages
Vineland – set in 1984, published in 1990  (6 years);   400 pages
IV – set in 1971, published in 2009  (38 years);   – 384 pages

BE – set in 2001, published in 2013 (12 years);   = 496 pages

I honestly don’t know whether to consider V. a major or a minor work – and that’s where it fits.  It’s more like a traditional debut novel from an author who went on to greater things.

V. set in 1956,  published in 1963 (7 years) ;  560 pages

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