The Second Chair

secondchairThe Second Chair  (Dismas Hardy #10)
by John Lescroart (US)
2003 / 624 pages
read by David Colacci – 14h 11m
rating ____  – crime fiction

I was reading he Dismas Hardy books in order until I came to the Robert Lawrence narrations.  No.  This doesn’t work.  So I skipped #s 8 and 9 and dropped into #10 rather than put up with a grating voice.    It looks like the publisher/producer agreed because #s 10-14 (the series to date)  all use Colacci to read.

Anyway –  Harding finds himself once again with a complex case dealing with the rich and powerful of San Francisco.  But that’s not too important.   Andrew Bartlett,  the 17-year old son of a prominent SF family has got himself arrested for the double murder of his girlfriend and her drama coach and he could not possibly have more working against him  –  motive and opportunity plus witnesses,  forensic evidence and prior troubles with the law.   Dad (step-)  wants the charges dropped or the the boy found not guilty – whatever – or however much –  that takes.

Besides all that his attorney,  Amy Wu,  Hardy’s a young and new lawyer with the firm,  is screwing things up –  in lots of ways.    But the only question on the minds of Wu and Hardy is whether he should  he be tried as a child or an adult – and how much time he’ll serve –  they believe he’s guilty.   Meanwhile Andrew proclaims his innocence.

Then another murder pops up – and another.    Hardy looks at possible connections.    Oh this feels good – Lescoart and Hardy as I know and love them.   🙂

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