Leftover Lutefisk

leftoverluteLeftover Lutefisk
by Art Lee
1984 / 224 pages
Rating: 7 / humor

I see I have a few days prior to the end of the month so I’m clearing some old books off the TBR shelf – reading them actually.    This is the second of the batch.

I got this book about the Norwegian immigrant experience  from my daughter for Christmas a couple years ago and although there are a few differences the story of my little North Dakota town is spot-on.  This  guy has a lot of similarities to Garrison Keeler but I think Keeler was later – I’m not sure –  Lee goes into more depth.  There are the usual lutefisk church dinners and Norwegian humor,  telephone party lines, sports and dating customs.  Much of this book pertains to the WWII generation – my mom’s.

The book is sprinkled liberally with Norwegian phrases – Uffda being the least of  them. I was surprised to find a couple of words which I thought were personal family words.   The book is also illustrated in cartoon fashion.   Come to find out at the very end that it’s really a dedication to the author’s father.

It was a kind of fun read – I’ll have to remember to thank my daughter and pass it on to my mom.

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