A Case Against Redemption

caseofredeA Case Against Redemption
by Adam Metzner
2013 / 336 pages
Read by Kevin T. Collins 10h 50m
Rating: A-

I looked forward to this book since I heard it was coming out because I so enjoyed the author’s earlier A Conflict of Interest .  And even though I kind of have an idea of Metzner’s “method” it didn’t take a bit away –  surprised anyway.

A rap artist named Legally Dead (LD for short) has been accused of murder – he apparently beat his girlfriend, Roxanne a rock star with a baseball bat.  Dan Sorenson, an out of work attorney who is grieving his wife and daughter, gets the case from his old attorney buddy.

Everything is not what it seems (of course it’s not).    Just before the death of his wife and daughter Dan had successfully defended a ball player against a charge of rape – but later he found out that the player had done it.  This haunts Dan as does the tragic loss of his wife and child in an auto accident.  This man is about 14 kinds of grief – and drinking heavily.

The case –  LD says his  real name is Nelson Patterson but it’s found (early on) that it’s really  Calvin Mayberry or something.  And LD’s prior attorney might be lying to Dan.  And Dan hires another attorney as a kind of apprentice to assist – this is going to be messy.

Come to find out just about everyone in this book is lying one way or the other – and then lies on top of the first lies – all kinds of lies about every kind of thing.

Collins is not the narrator David LeDoux is – not for this novel.  Collins seems to be trying for the hyper-suspense of Scott Brick and it doesn’t work.  It’s a bit irritating,  actually –  and I like Brick with the right books.

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