15 Seconds

15seconds15 Seconds
by Andrew Gross
2012/336 pages
read by Christian Hoff
rating: C

Doctor Henry Steadman, on his way to a golf game with a buddy in Jackson,  Florida is cited for several at least partly invented traffic violations when the citing police officer is shot by a passing motorist.   Suddenly Steadman is on the run.   The police are 100% convinced that Steadman was the shooter and are after him with guns drawn.  He follows the car and loses it,  he heads to his friend’s house where he finds his golf buddy shot dead.  Then the guy who has set him up calls him to say howdy – then he snatches the doc’s daughter.   There’s a back story with all the whys and wherefores.

This book is entirely too high on suspense and emotional context for my tastes.  I may not read another suspense novel for a long time.

The author leads the reader directly to the required thinking – lots of moments of  “Well,  duh… ” on my part.   And then there’s the repetition – something happens,  he tells his helper,  he tells the reader,  he tells himself.    That’s it.  (Well,  Hoff wrote 6 of James Patterson’s books so …)  The only comparison to James Lee Burke is the southern accent and it takes place in Georgia and the Carolinas –  NOT Bayou country.

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