The Stranger

strangerThe Stranger
by Camilla Lackberg
2012/ 384 pages
read by Simon Vance 11h 24m
rating:  A

Very interesting 4th book in Lackberg’s popular Fielbacha series.  In the background Patrik and Erica continue to make a home for their daughter,  Maia.   Erica’s sister begins to recover from killing her abusive husband (book 3).   Patrik has a new partner,  a woman named Hannah.  And Patrik’s difficult co-worker,  Melbery, falls in love.

Patrick’s main case this time involves a woman who was killed in a car accident – she had a lot of alcohol in her blood.  But when they tell the relatives they’re told that the victim didn’t drink at all.  The relatives include the victim’s child,  her ex-husband and her lesbian lover.  Then a reality TV show comes to film in town and one of the cast members is killed – her body left in a trash can.  More suspects and other murders turn up – all loaded down with alcohol.

Good story – Lackberg isn’t quite so dark in this novel but it has lots of characters as usual,  there are a lot of back-stories some  from the killer’s perspective,  and much of it deals with childhood trauma.   I’ll likely continue the series as it is released in the States – it’s up to 8 books now.

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