Dry Bones

drybonesDry Bones
by Peter May
2006/336 pages
read by Simon Vance 10h 21m
rating:  C

This is the first of the Enzo Files books by May,  originally called “Extraordinary People.”   The Scottish Detective Enzo Macleod is currently living in Paris,  on leave.  He gets involved in the 10-year old disappearance of Jacques Gaillard,  an extraordinary and renowned professor.   There seem to be no clues – he just disappeared one day – so it’s been a puzzle.

But first Enzo finds Gailard’s head and then … well … the body parts form a kind of trail leading through Paris.

Enzo also has a personal life – he has two daughters,  both in Paris,  one from a 1st marriage whom he abandoned as a young child,  the other the child of his second wife, deceased.  He also takes a lover for some gratuitous sex,  his friend is a wine connoisseur and it gets complicated.  I get a bit weary of all the “personal life” stuff in crime novels – this wasn’t particularly interesting but it did work into the plot.

The interesting part of this (to me) was the Church / Catacombs/Templar connection and the Paris history.  All of this was handled very well – from an academic and conspiracy angle.

Last but not least,  Simon Vance does an excellent job with what must have been a difficult assignment  – Enzo has a Scottish accent but most of the others have French ones.  –

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