Cocaine Blues

cocbluesCocaine Blues
by Kerry Greenwood
1989 / 175 pages
read by Stephanie Daniel / 5h 50m
rating: C-

Well I’ve been wanting to try a Phryne Fisher book and at the moment I found I could use a book set in Australia as well as one with a color in the title. (‘Blues” is  a color, right?)  Also this book has Phryne traveling by ship from London to Australia,  the country of her birth, to become a “prefect lady detective.   She’s wearing a dress with an oriental pattern of green and gold.   As she was standing on deck waiting for “the green flash she’d never seen.”   Finally,  there it was,  “a fast unrepeatable grass green flash over the golden rose of sunrise colored the sky.”

This makes 4 challenges in one book – in one chapter actually.  (heh) –  1.  a color in the title,  2.  international settings,  3.  transportation as part of book and 4.  the color green.

And not only that but the premise sounds interesting,  I’ve been wanting to try the series, and this is book 1.  (Jack-pot!)

Well – too bad, too sad.   This book was not my cup of tea just due to the gratuitous sex.  Phryne was fine – kind of funny and horrendously self-absorbed but smart and a good person.   The plot was great – when Greenwood got around to dealing with it.  The sex was stupid.

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