All That Is

allthatisAll That Is
by James Salter
2013 / 304 pages
rating:  6

Boring.   One Amazon reader said “Salter is often mentioned in the breath just after American masters like Philip Roth, John Updike, and Norman Mailer.”   Well no wonder – it’s all about boy meets girl,  lays girl, perhaps marries girl, divorces girl, finds another girl  –  musical relationships amongst disposable people.   I truly didn’t care what Salter could dig up from his past (real or imagined) to dwell on.   I think I’ll call this genre male romance -“Everything he had wanted to be, she was offering him”  –  the daydreams of old-man writers like Roth and McEwan and Updike and too many others.

2 Responses to All That Is

  1. Lisa Hill says:

    “Musical relationships amongst disposable people” – exactly – only I would add that the music is discordant!


  2. You’re right! LOL!


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