A Cold and Lonely Place

coldandlonelyA Cold and Lonely Place
by Sara J. Henry
2013 – 304 pages
read by Abby Craden 8h 32m
rating A-

This is the second in a possible series featuring Troy Chance,  a freelance writer who lives in upstate New York.   The first book,  Learning To Swim was excellent so I just went right away and got this one.

Troy is startled to learn that the body of a man buried under the ice is a friend.  How did this happen?  It turns out he is the wealthy boyfriend of a roommate and it doesn’t seem like the death was an accident.

A Cold and Lonely Place isn’t quite as good as Learning to Swim but it’s still a very fun read – Craden does an excellent job with the reading.

4 Responses to A Cold and Lonely Place

  1. Hi, Becky, thanks much! I haven’t actually heard the recorded version yet! And, yes, this is a series, with at least four more books. (But PS, my first name is Sara, no H – Sarah J. Henry is another writer entirely!)


  2. Oh thanks for that news! I’ll be looking forward to the next books now!


  3. (Could you possibly correct the spelling of my name in your post? It helps, so people don’t get the two of use confused. Thanks much!)


  4. Done! That was tricky because I checked after your first post but I saw with my own eyes that the middle initial was correct. (LOL!) So now I realized that the “H” you were referring to was in the name Sara(h). Thank you!


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