This was a pretty good month for me in terms of numbers,  although I seemed to hit more duds than usual.   I read 5 general fiction and 8 crime novels plus 2 non-fiction books (math and history) for 15 total.  The shortest was 175 pages,  the longest 1056 pages.  There were 6 women authors (I try to keep track of that,  but I don’t read or buy for it.)

Of the 15,  8 were audio,  5 were e-books,  1 was a paperback and I got 1 in both Audio and e-book format.


1.  End Zone
DeLillo, Don
Rating:   1972 / 242 p. (A)
Catching up on older books from a favorite author –   football / war metaphors don’t work for me in 2013 – a B for his sentences.

2.  Praxis
Weldon, Fay
1978 / 256p. (P)
Rating:   6
classic feminist lit / Booker nominee – also dated and not really redeemed by great writing

3.  All That Is
Salter, James
2012 / 304 p. (e-)
Rating:   6
A talented writer semi-autobiographically and very nostalgically on the subject of his life in bed (sex)

4.  Moo
Smiley, Jane
1995 / 432p
Rating:   6  (e-)
Satire doesn’t have a long shelf-life but I enjoyed parts of it (Earl Butts  and deconstruction)
5.  The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry
Joyce, Rachel
2012 / 336p   (e-)
Rating:   9
Nicely written feel-good novel of one man’s trek to make peace with his friend – would be really trite if it weren’t for the ending

CRIME  (mysteries)
6.  The Stranger
Lackberg, Camilla
2006 / 384 p   (A)
Rating:   B+
Scandinavian crime in the fashion of Lackberg – oh wait – it is Lackberg

7.  The Second Death of Goodluck Tinubu
Stanley, Michael
2008 496p  (A)
Botswana detective series – murder, drugs, kidnapping and … ta-da… international relations –

8.   Dry Bones
May, Peter
2006 336p (A)
Interesting premise gets lost in the personal details –

9.  Before the Poison
Robinson, Peter
2011 368p (A)
Disappointing – everything but the kitchen sink …  No wait,  that was there, too.

10.  Cocaine Blues
Greenwood, Kerry
1989 175p      (A)
Rating:   B-
Read for the color in the title, takes place in Australia and has a ship for transport – 3 challenges for the price of 1 – and that’s about what I got from it.

11.   The Thief
Nakamura, Fuminori
2012 211p  (both A and K)
Rating:   B+
A peak into the life of the  1st person pickpocket – picks up when the big league talent scouts get onto him

12.   A Cold and Lonely Place
Henry, Sara J.
2013 304p (A)
Rating:   A-
Not quite as good as Learning to Swim but well worth the read –

13.   The Expats
by Chris Pavone
2013 – 336p  (A)
Rating A+
Ex-CIA agent turned homemaker moves to Luxembourg with her husband, an investment security consultant,  but she finds herself in the middle of more deception and international crime investigations.


14.  God’s War: A New History of the Crusades
Tyerman, Christopher
2007 1056p   (e-)
Rating:   9
Academic and thorough reappraisal of the Crusades and their effect on Europe.  Much of it was over my head but other parts were fascinating.  He has a more concise book published after this.

15.   The Man of Numbers: Fibonacci’s Arithmetic Revolution
Devlin, Keith
2011 192p    (e-)
How the Western world managed to escape having to multiply with Roman numerals.

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