The Stonecutter

UnknownThe Stonecutter
by Camilla Lackberg
2005 (US 2013 / 528 pgs
read by David Thorn 16h 58m
Rating:  A-

A Fjällbacka lobster fisherman has hauled in a rather different catch – a small girl child – dead.  He notifies the police and Patrik Hedström,  one of the two series detectives,  gets the case.

Erica and Patrik now have baby,  Mia, who “shrieks” while Erica gets depressed and Patrik works.   I rather like this scenario for the background of the series.  They’re both quite likable but not perfect.  There are several other ongoing characters as well.

But what transpires in this case is that bathwater is found in the child’s lungs.  She’s been murdered.  The suspects are many and there’s a back story which is told in alternating chapters finally coming together with the main plot at the end.  And there are plenty of side-plots and odd-ball characters which affect the main investigation.  Some themes are spousal abuse,  adultery, pedophilia, child abuse (in several forms) and Asperger’s Syndrome.

It’s nicely written and well read by David Thorn.  I’ll likely read the next in the series – The Stranger – which is due out in late April.  It’s read by Simon Vance – (yes!)

Camilla Lackberg – Stonecutter 

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