by Robert Crais
2012 / 320 pages
read by MacLeod Andrews 8h 30m
rating:  C-

I think Crais wrote this one as an honorarium to the Canine units and their dogs – just the way it feels at about 1/4 though.

Scott James is a wounded man  – physically and emotionally.  He was seriously wounded while on  duty as a police officer in the same incident which killed  his partner.  Scott’s main personal mission is to find whomever murdered his partner – but at the moment he’s been assigned to the Canine Unit of the LAPD.

Maggie is a wounded dog – physically and emotionally.  She was seriously injured while on duty with her partner who died in a military incident in Afghanistan.  Her mission is to keep her owner safe and help him.

Maggie is smart (of course) and retrains quickly, although that takes a lot of pages.  Scott gets sent out on a recent burglary in the same area he was attacked.  He checks it all out and figures the culprits were the same guys who attacked him.

The stupidest part is when the story is told from the dog’s pov –  stupid!   Thank goodness it’s not 1st person.   “Maggie liked when the man was happy.”  There’s a whole chapter of this type of thing.

The book picks up at about 3/4 of the way through and speeds to an typical shoot-out ending.

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