Learning to Swim

learningtoLearning to Swim
by Sara J. Henry
2011 / 304 pages
read by Suzanne Torin 11h 1m

This was highly recommended so always in search of a juicy crime novel (procedural,  cozy, legal, whatever) I listened to and enjoyed the sample so I kept in on my wish list at Audible for awhile.  Then it came up on a good sale – and how can I pass on that?

Because there’s a huge twist at about 20% I hesitate to type too much.  Needless to say I suspect the 1st person narrator,  Troy Chance of upstate Vermont,  a book reviewer with several male housemates (like a boarding house)  to be unreliable.  As a regular reader of fairly good crime stories I suspect everyone and there are several possibilities.

This much – Troy jumps off a ferry to save a drowning boy who has landed in the water off a passing ferry.  She is compelled to save him and keep him safe.  But all is not what it appears – as though it didn’t appear bad enough.

Henry certainly knows how to write suspense, even in this debut novel,   and Torin, an experienced narrator and excellent in this novel with its French accent and bit of dialogue,  can definitely read it.  I guess the bottom line has to be the rating

S   P  O  I  L  E  R

I think I had it figured out at about 1/2 way –  Madeline was going to leave Philipe,  she had herself and Paul kidnapped and she demanded considerable ransom – for her escape to a “new life” intending to send Paul back.   But the kidnappers thought it might be more profitable to kill her,  wait for the ransom themselves.  It didn’t work out that way.

If I’m right it’ll be a first –  maybe second.

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