Black Fridays

blackfridaysBlack Fridays
by Michael Sears
2012 / 352 pages
read by Erik Bergmann 11h 1m

This great book has a couple of major problems and that’s really a shame because there is so much to enjoy.

Jason Stafford used to be one of those highly paid stock trackers who lived like it,  now he’s an ex con doing some research on some difficulties another brokerage was having.   He’s definitely on the up-and-up, but still loves his party-girl ex-wife, a model,  and has some issues with their young  autistic son on whom quite a lot of time is spent and is instrumental in the plot.

I was hooked from page 1,  loving the setting and the narrator – there’s a nice dose of suspense with which  Bergmann does a nice job.  But what was that Prologue – someone female falling/pushed to their death? – That’s a huge part of the suspense – who died? why? how? It’s all ahead of the reader until much later.

This brings up the subject of Prologues –  yes,  I read them every time,  especially if the author has called it a “Prelude,” giving a more artistic, literary feel.   I don’t read “Introductions,”  as they too often contain spoilers.  The only exception so far has been the “Introduction” of My Antonia by Willa Cather.  That chapter is an integral part of the novel – it was written by Cather.  If it were first published today I’m sure it would be called a Prologue or a Prelude –

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