You’re Next

yournextYou’re Next
by Gregg Hurwitz
2011 / 560 pages
read by Scott Brick 14h. 1m
rating:   A++

Oh what a totally fabulous book!  Well,  okay,  it starts out a little goodie-goodie with Mike being a bit too honest and upright – that changes.

What if, at the age of 4,  your father abandoned you in a park?  What if you grew up through the foster system and with street/jail smart friends,  but finally managed to put a life together with good business,  a great wife and adored child even if you had no idea where you’d really come from?   Would you worry for your child – that she never feel abandoned as you had been?  Would you search for your parents?

That’s the opening situation in Hurwitz’  thriller,  You’re Next,  except that meanwhile the “good business” has run afoul of unscrupulous contractors but gets an award anyway,  and a very creepy man says,  “I know you, don’t I?”

Photos hit the papers,  and strange threatening men show up,  harassing, stalking,  scaring the shit out of “Mike Wingate,” as he’s known today, and his family.  Not only is he searching for his birth family,  someone is searching for him – why?

Even without Scott Brick’s narration,  this book is back-to-back suspense,  with him I can barely put my iPod down.  And Brick does an absolutely incredible job with the fascinating character of Shep – Mike’s life-long buddy, an ex-con with techie talents – including casino gambling and safe-cracking.

I think I know what’s going to be happening and then I’m totally thrown off.   It’s a little long but the plot twists and turns make it well worth it.

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