Resurrection Men

resurrectionResurrection Men
by Ian Rankin
2002/ 464 pages
read by Joe Dunlop – 15h 34m
rating :  B+

And John Rebus finds himself sequestered at Tuliallan Castle for retraining.   Once there,  he infiltrates a group of the truly corrupt known as “The Wild Bunch.”   But Rebus’ old nemesis,  Cafferty, enters the picture in some devious ways.

Meanwhile, back in Edinburgh,   his partner Siobhan and the new cop on the block, Davie Hynds,  are investigating the murder of an art-gallery dealer, Edward Marber.

I have to listen to these books very carefully.  I have to go back over sections because stuff happens fast.


The threads start coming – 4 distinct plots –

1.  the old case regarding the death of Eddie Lomax which Rebus and company are using for a cold case but which Rebus and Grey and someone else? worked on back then –

2.  the investigation of the Wild Bunch folks – especially Grey but others –

3.  the death of Edward Marber which Siobhan and Davie are investigating – Laura the “working”  single mom who serviced Marber and more.  Catherty is involved in her “house.”

4.  the  arrest of the Weasel’s son Ollie with the possibility of getting Catherty as a “shop.”

But then those plot lines start to interweave and it gets interesting.

What with all these threads, new and old,  there are lots and lots of characters which gets confusing .  From the name of Siobhan’s new partner,  Davie,  to Lomax’s widow’s new boyfriend,  and Catherty’s Weasel’s son to the other cops in the “reform school”  I think there must be 50.

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