The Cold Dish


The Cold Dish
by Craig Johnson
western crime
2004 / 400 pages
read by George Guidell – 13h 8m
rating:   C

Walt Longmire has been the sheriff of a small county in Wyoming for a long time.  One night the body of a young man is found – a murder victim.   The complication, after we get around to it,  is that this guy was one of 4 youths convicted some time ago for the rape of a local girl – a mentally challenged Cheyenne girl.  So now there are 3 of the convicted boys left.   But it looks like someone wants revenge when there are only 2 left – and Longmire is on the case.

I’m not sure I like the first person of Longmire – he’s just a bit too mouthy – his thinking too “know-it-all”  and trying to be literate and funny.   This story seems to have a lot of extraneous “cutesy” padding.  I was going to say something about maybe all this is endearing to those who have followed Longmire for awhile but this is the first in the series – where can it go?  Apparently somewhere with lots of fans because the 11th in the series is coming out in June and there even a TV series (A&E) based on the novels – I was basically bored.

Craig Johnson 

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