All Cry Chaos

allcrychaosAll Cry Chaos
by Leonard Rosen
2010 / 332 pages
read by Grover Gardner /  10h 24m
genre – crime/detective
rating –

This is the debut novel for author Rosen along with his protagonist,  Henri Poincaré,  and although it was quite a fete it has not as yet been followed up with a sequel.

A bomb has gone off in the Amsterdam hotel room of the highly regarded mathematician,  James Fenster.   Poincaré and his side-kick Serge Laurent begin the detection work – the forensics,  the interviews.  There are several likely suspects,  Fenster’s ex-fiance,  a colleague,   left-wing politicos,  a banker, others.   A huge aspect to the plot is the evangelist belief that Christ will return in just a few days.   And part of the detection consists of the patterns and formulas used by the mathematician.

Washington Post

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