The Monsters of Templeton

templetonThe Monsters of Templeton
by Lauren Groff
2008/ 361 pages

This book may have garnered great critical acclaim,  but I think it’s stupid.  I couldn’t finish.  I got about 60 pages in and so much silliness had happened by that time that … well … I didn’t want to know more.

Willie, a 28-year old Stanford PhD candidate, daughter of an ex-hippie from Templeton, NY (Cooperstown – home of James Fenimore) has an affair with professor whose wife finds out in Alaska where they’re digging up archeological finds.  So Willie hi-jacks her plane,  lands quite easily in San Francisco Airport and drives to New York.  She’s pregnant.

She arrives the same day a huge monster (obviously metaphorical I suppose) surfaces (out of loneliness?) in the town lake.  Her mother Vi,  now a Jesus Freak,   is upset by Willie’s apparent failure to succeed but continues to encourage her to do something.   Vi reveals to Willie that her father is NOT one of three men she was bedding in her hippie days but rather a man right there in Templeton – so now Willie has a project – find her father.

There is just too much over-the-top nonsense here but it’s a debut novel from a youngish author and probably aimed at the readers of vampire books.   The chapter I was heading into is a “voice from the past” – Major Pettibones (Pretty-bones) and his wife of 18th century New England who meets Marmaduke Temple – from Cooper’s Leatherstocking Tales.

I feel in the mood for a good non-fiction – two on the shelf – Jefferson by Jon Meacham and Leonardo and the Last Supper.  Also,  The Round House by Louise Erdrich is waiting for me to finish it – that was going along pretty nicely.

I guess I ought to ‘fess up –  I wasn’t going to read this book at all but the price,  $2.99 for Kindle,  was too good considering it was a reading group read so I got suckered.

In a way I feel very good about not finishing (although my life is not over yet) and that’s that I can put a stupid book away and not feel like I “have to” finish it.   It feels like a mark of my growing discrimination and possibly freedom.  (heh)

Shhh….  I peaked at the reviews and …   I may finish it yet – later – just out of curiosity.    (sigh)

4 Responses to The Monsters of Templeton

  1. Really! Well maybe between you and the group read I’ll peruse further – I am curious in a way …


  2. LOL! I’ve not actually deleted it which might be the equivalent of throwing it across the room – toward the trash – which I did one time. We’ll see if the discussion in the reading group piques an interest.


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