The Ice Princess

iceprincesThe Ice Princess – (series)
by Camilla Läckberg,
2008 / crime / 480 pages
read by David Thorn 15h 8m
rating:  B

The craze for Scandinavian crime novels has not bi-passed me – it’s just that except for Stieg Larsson,  I’ve not been all that impressed.   The Ice Princess has done nothing to change my mind,  although I enjoyed it well enough that I could be drawn into the series – 7 books using a detective Patrik Hedström and his friend Erica Falck (at least starting out with them).

Among things I hate in crime fiction are  “shocking”  plot outcomes which are based on “uncovering family secrets long hidden.”  The horrors  are rarely,  if ever,  shocking anymore but some are a bit different and this one is that – but I wouldn’t call it shocking.

Another thing I really dislike in crime fiction are those series which focus on some love relationship or progression of relationships in the protagonist’s life.  The crimes get lost in the romance.

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