The Snake Stone

TSStoneThe Snake Stone
by Jason Goodwin
2008/320 pages
read by Stephen Hoye 10h 49m
rating –  B-

I so looked forward to this at the time I started and it started very, very well.  But somehow,  for some reason,  I got bored,  distracted,  but kept going.   This is the second of Goodwin’s books about the detective eunuch, Yashim in 19th century Istanbul.   I did so enjoy The Janissary Tree which I read several years ago.

The story in The Snake Stone is complex mostly concerning a certain Lefevre, a foreign anthropologist  who has apparently been looking for something mysterious in Istanbul.  But before Yashim can find out,   Lefevre has been brutally murdered near the French Embassy and Yashim and his friend Palewski were the last to see him.  Then other  locals are also found dead.

The most interesting thing in this book are the little historical tid-bits about Ottoman history and the Vikings –  other little morsels just keep piquing my interest so I just kept reading – but it wasn’ t  really for the plot.  The characters are pretty good.

I’m not a fan of Stephen Hoye -he’s too deliberately understatedly dramatic.

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