The Absent One

absentoneThe Absent One
by Jussi Adler-Olsen (Danish / translated)
2008 (2012 US) / 402 pages
Read by Stephen Pacey 14h 13m
Rating: B / crime
(2nd in Department Q series)

The serial picks up again with lead detective Carl Mørek who heads up Department Q, cold case files,  with the Arabian Assad as his assistant, getting a cheeky new assistant,  Rose Knudsen.  Their office is in the basement of the police department.

An old and apparently solved case has turned up on Assad’s desk during Mørek’s seasonal absence.  Back in 1987 the murder of twins had remained unsolved until one of the suspects, a student at the time of the murders,  confessed many years later.  But many relevant documents are missing from the file and there’s no reason for the case turning up in Dept. Q – and who sent it there, anyway?

The school mates who were suspected at the time were a little gang of rich kids who had since that time been out and about making a lot of money, marrying and remarrying,  although one of the gang is was brutally killed,  and there’s  one in jail, but even he is making a lot of money.

It’s Kimmie Marie Larson, the only girl of the group,  who is apparently causing trouble.  She split off from the gang and is now on the run from the police and hunting up the other gang members who are in turn hunting her.

I’m not fond of books which get into the heads of the demented criminals and true to form I was much happier reading about Mørek and his staff.  Rosie, the new assistant,  turns out to be very bossy but extremely clever.  I’d love to read another Adler-Olsen if I didn’t have to get through all the gore.



2 Responses to The Absent One

  1. Jeff says:

    I am about to start number three in the series, as soon as I finish the latest Harry Bosch, The Burning Room. Thank you for the excellent review, Becky.


  2. Thank you. And oh I want to get to The Burning Room myself, Jeff. I’m all caught up on Bosch so that’s next. 🙂 – perhaps one of the first in the new year?


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