These are the books I read in October 2014 – 5 fiction,  3 nonfiction and 3 crime for a total of 11 books with 2 women authors – no classics (possible exception for Neuromancer) no translations.   I rate fiction and nonfiction on a scale of 1-10 and crime books with a scale of A-F.


The Bone Clocks
by David Mitchell
2014 / 640 pages
read by several readers– 24h 30m
rating: 7  / sci-fi- fantasy

A Long Way Gone: Memoirs of a Boy Soldier
by Ishmael Beah
2007 / 229 pages
read by Ishmael Beah – 7h 48m
rating 7 / memoir

The Luminaries
by Eleanor Catton
2013  / 834 pages
read by Mark Meadows 29h 14m
rating – 9 / historical fiction

The Narrow Road to the Deep North
by Richard Flanagan
2014 /334 pages (Kindle)
rating: 9.5 / historical fiction

by William Gibson
1984 / 288 pages
read by Robertson Dean 10h 30m
rating 8.5 / classic sci-fi (cyberpunk)


The Map Thief: The Gripping Story of an Esteemed Rare-Map Dealer Who Made Millions Stealing Priceless Maps
by Michael Blanding
2014 – 320 pages
read by Sean Runnette – 8h 35m
rating – 7.5  – history/crime

Buddhism For Busy People: Finding Happiness In An Uncertain World
by David Michie
2008 / 240 pages
read by Nicholas Bell 6h 49m
rating 6.5 / nonfiction/self-help-religion

Age of Ambition:  Chasing Fortune, Truth and Faith in the New China
by Evan Osnos
2014 / 417 pages
rating: 9 / nonfiction


The Secret Place
by Tana French  (Ireland)
2014/529 pages
read by  Stephen Hogan, Lara Hutchinson / 20h 34m
rating A- / crime
#5 in Dublin Murder Squad series

The Handsome Man’s Deluxe Café
by Alexander McCall Smith
2014 / 257 pages
read by Lisette Lecat / 9h 55m
rating A++ (for enjoyment) / contemp fiction / Botswana

by John Lescroart
1996/ 656 pages
read by David Colacci 18h 10m
rating: A / crime

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