The Museum of Literary Souls

UnknownThe Museum of Literary Souls
aka The Caxton Private Lending Library and Book Depository
by John Connolly
2013/ 68 pages
rating:  9+  / short story

I enjoy a good short story once in great awhile, especially those of certain authors, but this came on recommendation and sounded interesting.  I’ve read one book by Connelly and wasn’t all that impressed.  – Oh well –

Mr. Berger is a youngish bachelor who has recently been able to retire and move to the country to a cottage his mother left to him when she died. He lives quietly, with his books, reading, walking and not much else.  One afternoon on his walk he sees a woman with a red bag apparently trying to get hit by an oncoming train. She disappears. The police think he might be strange.  At home he realizes there is a strong resemblance to Anna Karenina.

Awhile later he sees her again. This time Mr. Berger prevents the woman from being hit but again, she disappears,  this time into a nearby, very old building.   The next day he finds the building and it has a sign which barely says, “The Caxton Private Lending Library and Book Depository.”  Berger investigates and finds out nothing – he finally stakes it out. And then things get stranger, sweeter, funnier, more imaginative.


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