The Gods of Guilt

51f2uMVYIHL._SL150_The Gods of Guilt
by Michael Connelly
2014/ 401 pages – 11h 49m
read by Peter Giles
Rating – C

This is Connelly’s new one starring criminal defense attorney Mickey Haller, a “Lincoln lawyer” – which means he works out of his car.  Haller gets a call to  defend Andre LaCosse, a web-designer (a digital pimp) who is in jail on charges for having murdered a client, Giselle Dallinger, a high-priced prostitute who was found dead and he was the last one to see her – he says she was alive when he left her.   He’d been at her apartment to collect payment for a job his web-site  had sent her out on – he grabbed her by the neck at the time but then left.

It was Giselle who had earlier recommended Haller to Lacoste and Haller has to scratch his memory and check the web to remember – yes – Giselle Dallinger, the murder victim this time,  was now Gloria Dayton (aka Glory Days)  a woman from Haller’s past in many ways – many cases,  and professional but non-romantic over-involvement by Haller.

From there we go to Haller’s old connections to Giselle and her connections to the drug world all the way to the cartels as well as law enforcement. And Haller is able to use the old connections, including crooked lawyers,  cops, etc. and the story gets complicated.  I lose interest. I stick with it and really enjoy only the courtroom tactics wondering what kind of twists the plot will take – the outcome is a given.    (I’m not interested in Haller’s personal life, either.)

Connelly fans will probably enjoy this book, but I’m not big on these tales which get into the seriously bad organized crime guys, corrupt law enforcement (or politicians)  with no motive except control of their turf and the big money in drugs.  Galbraith’s The Silk Worm was like a breath of fresh air.  This is cliché.

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