The Farm

thefarmThe Farm
by Tom Robb Smith
2014 /  369 pages / 9h 24m
read by James Langton & Suzanne Toren
rating:  B+ / crime-suspense

When Daniel, our  single first person narrator,  answers his phone one evening he has to listen as his father, Chris,  tells him that his mother has gone mad.  At first Daniel really thinks it’s a joke.  Nope. His father is serious.  But a few minutes later his mother, Tilde,  calls and tells him she’s on her way to London to clear things up.  They emigrated to Sweden and bought a farm several years prior.

When she gets to Daniel’s home he realizes there is a very good chance his father is right – the woman is full of rather strange behavior, fears, etc.  But she says the doctors at the hospital released her and she has evidence of what she is saying in her satchel.  The upshot of this evidence is that his father is involved in a conspiracy,

Oh dear.  But Daniel listens as his mother tells her story in laborious, painstaking detail,  bringing out pieces of  physical evidence from her satchel as she describes what she believes to be a large conspiracy in her neighborhood.

I am impressed by the presentation but not too much by the actual plot Daniel’s mother relates and the denouement  which seemed a bit like a rehash.


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