by Karin Slaughter
2014/401 pages
read by Shannon Cochran 13h 23m
rating: B- / crime
(Georgia Series #5)

This is another one I’ve had around since April or so – I’m catching up now.  I’ve not read anything by Slaughter before but going by the reviews this was the one to start with.

When Atlanta police detective, Faith Mitchell,  finds her  young daughter, Emma, locked in a shed at her mother’s house with blood leading to the kitchen and a gun missing she manages not to panic.  And when the music coming from the house stops even manages to call Code 30 to get help.  She’s advised to stay out but – really – that’s her mother in there!

As it plays out the twists are surprising and many.  Faith’s mother, Evelyn Mitchell, is not just an ordinary grandma,  she’s a retired police chief with ties to corruption and some very strong suspicions remain.   Now she’s missing and there are three gang members  dead on the property.

Faith and her partner Will Trent have some help.  There’s Amanda, their boss, but … Amanda knows about corruption firsthand.   And there’s Doctor Sarah Linton, who works in the trauma unit at the local hospital and helps with the identification of wounds and pre-coroner information.  Sarah likes Will a lot but Will has his own personal issues.

The story is fairly clever, the writing is good, the characters are well developed. On the down side there’s too much sex and violence for my tastes and too much time spent on romantic entanglements.  It’s interesting in that some very highly placed characters, good gals and bad, are women.



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