Still Life With Bread Crumbs

stilllifewithStill Life With Bread Crumbs
by Anna Quinlan
2014/272 pages
rating 5 / romance

This is a pretty “fluffy” type book for me to read, but it’s not as bad as I thought it would be … otoh, it’s a lot worse than I expected. Yup, it’s a love story and I used to be allergic to them pretty much but I’ve got to where classics and other works are okay if the romance part is definitely secondary.

The plot:  Rebecca Winter, is, or was actually, a very famous photographer, lots of money, name recognition, good reputation. But that was years ago and now she’s moved to a cabin in the country trying to stretch her limited assets, taking a little job if she can get it, and selling a print or photo from time to time. She continues to take photos – this time of nature’s wonders – and a series of small white crosses she’s come across. And guess what ???  she meets a couple of single men (surprise, surprise!).

The book is organized into short chapters with the main story told chronologically and a lot of back-story elements added. There are also several instances of forward-story (into the future) involving minor characters creating a choppy effect. It does NOT! have the effect Anthony Marra got from me in A Constellation of Vital Phenomena.

The writing is pedestrian with irrelevant metaphors and very straightforward language. The little numbers inserted from time to time represent Rebecca thinking about money or time are clever but not terribly effective for some reason, almost gimmicky.

The best part of the book is the plot thread concerning the white crosses. The worst is the incredibly predictable romance.

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