Seeking Enlightenment … Hat by Hat:

seekingenlighSeeking Enlightenment … Hat by Hat: A Skeptic’s Guide to Religion
by Nevada Barr
2003 / 2003
Rating: 9 / spirituality, essays

This is a collection of essays dealing with the author’s ongoing path toward and life since enlightenment, which is of the Christian variety. Nevada Barr is known primarily for her detective mysteries and I’ve read and enjoyed a couple of them, so when a friend recommended “Seeking Enlightenment” by her I had to check to see if this was the same author! Yup.

And how refreshing it is to read about the issues of real life and faith as written by a mature woman of my generation who has been through some life difficulties. Topics include her own step into faith, gratitude, lies, vanity, sex, girlfriends, guilt, stillness, and many more for a total of 43 little essays. I think the best are “pain,”

Barr’s style is that of an accomplished writer, which she is, getting down and personal. She’s never overly revealing about the specifics of her own biography, and she’s neither preachy nor glum. The narrative is on the light side without being “breezy” and simple without trite and there’s the occasional bit of intelligent humor. Yes, there is, somehow, in some places, a distinct Christian (Jesus) message but it’s not quite the one I learned in the Lutheran Church. Barr is Episcopalian.

I quit reading self-help books many years ago, “The Care of the Soul” pretty well took care of all that, right time right place for me, I guess. But once in awhile a book comes along which actually does strike a helpful note, whether I was looking for it or not.

I’d say this is for those who are interested in reading about spiritual enlightenment, a report of one woman’s perspective on religion and God in her life.

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