The Bully Pulpit – notes

First let me say that I flat out love Doris Kearns Goodwin.  Yes,  she got caught up in lazy editing and was accused, probably rightly so, of plagiarism for sloppy source-work.  Too bad.   Here’s a good bead on that old story:

With the Bully Pulpit she’s apparently changed her ways.  I can’t imagine more quotes and sources than she has here – she’s done a wonderful job, as far as my totally lay-person mind can tell.  The only trouble is that on a Kindle you have to go back to that section and find the footnote – there’s no mark in the text.  When you find it you are able to get back to the appropriate narrative via a link.   I guess e-books are still finding their way on how to do this stuff.  This is better than some I’ve read – worse than others.


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