Dear Life: Stories

Dear Life: Stories
By Alice Munro
2012 / 336 pages
rating:  8.5 / short stories

Alice Munro is Alice Munro – her stories speak eloquently to the human condition and there are very, very few writers in the history of world literature who have done it better than she does.  Munro gets to the heart of the matter,  she nails it –  surprising and familiar at the same time – almost but not quite grotesque – never over that line.  And although they can be rather grim or bleak,  they’re always interesting.

This time,  in Dear Life, the stories are mostly about love and death and moving on but in so many different ways it’s hard to just say that.  My favorite was probably Train but they are all very good.  According to an inserted author’s note entitled Finale, the last 4 stories of the book are the most autobiographical she has written.

For some reason this might be my least favorite of her books – The Beggar Maid was more interwoven and more humorous while Too Much Happiness was more thoughtful in some way.  I don’t know.  I have another couple of Munro books on my TBR shelves – we’ll see if I read another.


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