These are the books I read in February, 2014.  They were all fiction with two classics and I would say that only The Good Lord Bird was disappointing although it had redeeming aspects.

We Need New Names
by NoViolet Bulawayo
2013/ 294 pages (Kindle)
rating 8.5 / contemp fiction Africa

The Queen of the Tambourine
by Jane Gardham
1991/227 pages
rating: 8 / 20th cent. fiction

From the Mouth of the Whale
by Sjon
2008 / 232 pages
rating 8.5 /historical fiction (mythical?)

 Sister Carrie
by Theodore Dreiser
1900 / 352 pages (Kindle)
rating 8.75 / classic US fiction

Chess Story (aka– The Royal Game)
by Stefan Zweig – tr. from German by Joel Rothenberg
1941 / 109 pages (NY Review of Books
rating 9 / classic

The Good Lord Bird
by James McBride
2013/419 pages
rating: 7 / historical fiction

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