by Rachel Joyce
2014/ 400 pages
rating 6/10 – contemp fict UK
read by Paul Rhys – 11h 18m

Not impressive although I must say I was expecting a thriller or a mystery type book and it’s not that.   Also,  I listened to it piece-meal over a period of many weeks so in a way I didn’t give the story a chance.  (That said,  if the book had been grabbing me I would likely have made a point to listen.)

Eleven-year old Bryan Hemmings wakes up in 1972 aware that his world might change considering that “time” will lose 2 seconds.  But that’s not what really changes.  Rather, in the blink of an eye (about 2 seconds) Bryan’s mother hits a small girl with her car and life takes strange turns.  That’s one story line.

The other story line takes place in contemporary times with a mentally ill man named Jim trying to find some kind of comfortable existence.  He’s plagued by something.

The stories come together toward the ending and I wasn’t real pleased – it was hokey and totally contrived, imo.

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