The End of the Affair

images-2The End of the Affair
by Graham Greene –
1951 / 192 pages
read by Colin Firth 6h 28m
rating – 8.5 (dated but well done)

Greene writes from a confused Catholic perspective about a man who is having an affair with a woman whose husband is an impotent civil servant.   The book is from the perspective of both Maurice Bendrix,  the man in love,  and Sarah Miles (her diary),  the married woman.   When London is bombed and Maurice thought possibly dead,  Sarah breaks it off with Maurice and becomes involved with another man.

This all takes place, metaphorically I suppose,   during the bombing of London in WWII.  The themes involve jealousy,  loneliness,  love,  guilt, death and how God is involved in all of this.   The book is very melancholy – despondent.

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