The Black Box

the black boxThe Black Box
by Michael Connelly
2012/416 pages
read by Michael McConnohie 10h. 29m.
rating – B

I don’t know why I read Hieronymus Bosch series –  I’m used to it,  I guess.   Bosch is a crank – he’s out for “justice,”   but needs to have control of all situations – this does not sit well with his bosses.   I suspect his compassion for the victims is the result of his childhood and he really just wants vengeance for himself.  He’s arrogant and flouts any and all rules because he’s out for “justice” and all these “niceties” and rules are just so much bureaucratic bull shit.  Internal Investigations are a pain in the ass – they don’t understand.  Bosch is going to “get his man” no matter who or what stands in his way –
and he will use deception,  theft,  intimidation,  even a bit of brutality to get his way.   If anyone opposes him they are a part of the problem.  (LOL)  I truly can’t stand this man but I kind of care that he finds peace somehow – his daughter seems like a promising way.

So I read the Bosch books.  The stories are good – the writing is fair.  The Black Box is number 18 and I think I’ve read them all.  Bosch is getting older,  that’s for sure.

Story – Bosch was on duty during the LA riots of 1992  and investigated the murder of a young, blonde female journalist who turned out to be from Denmark.  The crime was never solved so it turns up in the files of the Open Unsolved Unit which is where Bosch now works.

As usual the tension almost never stops,  the solution builds as Bosch does his thing and puts things together.  This is certainly not a “who done it” it’s definitely a crime novel with all the trappings of 21st century style – that is sex, violence and high-speed chase scenes.

“Connelly’s lean, just-the-facts style makes for crisp dialogue and a brisk, info-driven plot….A haunted quality has always been one of the chief attractions of Connelly’s series and of Bosch’s character.” (Washington Post Art Taylor )

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