by Zadie Smith
2012/416 pages
read by Karen Bryson 10h 58m
rating – 10

So many interconnected characters – all from the same lower class neighborhood of very mixed ethnicities.  Leah and Natalie/Keisha have been best friends since a shared traumatic event in their childhoods – Natalie became very successful attorney while Leah didn’t really get anywhere although she had the college degree.

As the novel opens,  both are married,  Natalie with children, Leah without but with a husband and dog she adores.  Her – husband, Michel, a French-African hairdresser,  wants a child.

The first section is third person from Leah’s point of view.   Charlotte, a local drug addict, knocks on Leah’s door to  begs money from her.  They realize they went to school together – they mention several people from the neighborhood including Natalie but others who will come up later in the novel.

The accents are perfectly done.

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