The First American: The LIfe and Times of Benjamin Franklin

The First American: The LIfe and Times of Benjamin Franklin
by H.W. Brands
2000 / 784 pages
Read by Nelson Runger 36h 38m
Rating:  8.5

Whew –  I finished!  This is a really long book but listening to Nelson Runger read it made it worth it.  Still,  it took me several months.

I’d been meaning to read The First American for quite a long time – I’d had it in my tbr pile for a long time. I started reading it and it took a long time (because it’s a longish book)!

All well that waiting and time spent was well worth it. Brands provides a lively look at fascinating man – an authentic founding father as well as an early diplomat, inventor, author, businessman and thinker. The portrayal is fond and traditional – no revisionism here – to the point that Brands seems a bit in love with his subject.  This is a great intro to the man and his times – now I can go get the negatives scoop elsewhere.  Also,  Runger really does an admirable job.

I especially enjoyed the depiction of Franklin’s early life and the discussion on his ideas regarding the Constitution.

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